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What Welding Joining Process Of Cement Silo For Sale
Apr 19, 2018

Correctly determining the welding step can effectively shorten the construction period and control the welding deformation. The welding steps of several major welding joining process of cement silo for sale are determined as follows:

1)The can body is welded and fixed by hoarding, and then vertical welding of longitudinal joints is performed first, then horizontal welding of circular seams is performed. Finally, intermittent welding of the reinforcement ring around the can body is performed. (Flat fillet welding with a spacing of 150 mm and a weld length of 200 mm With elevation welding).

2)The welding of the skirt is considered to be less likely to invert the cone and skirt as a whole. For butt welds with a wall thickness of δ=32 mm in the upper and lower platforms of the skirt, the double-sided forming method is adopted for the single-side welding with a cushion on the back. The V-groove with a mouth angle of 45°±5° is used for welding with an assembly gap of 7±1mm.

3)Cone welding will be assembled and fixed cones, and then the vertical joints of the external vertical welding, and then the outer ring of the horizontal welding, flip lifting, carbon arc gouging on the back of the root grinding, and then Internal horizontal welding.

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