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What Is A Concrete Pipe
Apr 08, 2018

Concrete pipe, also known as cement pressure pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, it can be used as a city to build the base of the sewer, can discharge sewage, flood control drainage, as well as some special factories and mines used in the water pipes and farm machinery. Generally divided into: flat concrete reinforced concrete pipe, reinforced concrete port reinforced concrete cement pipe, socket reinforced concrete cement pipe, F-shaped steel bearing cement pipe, flat mouth ring interface cement pipe, enterprise cement pipe.According to the difference of the inner diameter of the concrete pipe, it can be divided into small-diameter pipes (with an inner diameter of 400 mm or less), medium-diameter pipes (400-1400 mm), and large-diameter pipes (above 1400 mm). According to the difference in the ability of the pipe to withstand water pressure, it can be divided into low pressure pipe and pressure pipe. The working pressure of the pressure pipe is generally 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 MPa and so on.Compared with steel pipes, concrete pipes can save a lot of steel, prolong service life, and have less investment in construction and installation and installation. They have been widely used in factories, mines, oil fields, ports, urban construction and farmland water conservancy projects.


1. The drainage pipes for rainwater and sewage commonly used in towns and cities.
2. It can be used to run external pipes such as tap water, power telecommunication, and gas power that need to be laid underground.
3. Longitudinal and horizontal drainage of the expressway and permeable water.

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