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We Are Investigating Block Making Machine For Sale In Pakistan
Dec 04, 2018

We have a certain understanding of the construction market in Pakistan after investigating block making machine for sale in Pakistan:

  • Regarding land, Pakistan has a large amount of idle land, and half of the land is in desert state, without vegetation cover, and many of them are sand and soil layers. In the surrounding areas of Lahore, Karachi, Madia, Hyderabad and other cities, there are some green trees and some crops.

  • Some local developers have just started to have awareness of land development, and some wealthy villas have been developed near Karachi.

  • The price of building materials in Pakistan is very expensive. Steel, cement and wood are much higher than domestic prices. The transportation is extremely underdeveloped. The freight is very expensive. The transportation speed is slow. There is almost no express delivery. Only the postal transportation in the city can transport small pieces. . Large parts are generally used for shipping, and the procedures for entering the sea are complicated. There are many procedures for packing and returning to the customs. The various forms are complicated and require remarks of weight, amount, size, and packaging method. The whole process is sent from the country until arrival. The destination takes 3-4 months.

  • Many large-scale energy and power projects in Pakistan are sponsored by domestic companies. Most of them use American standard design schemes. For Chinese-funded construction units, sometimes they also contain some national standard standards. Concrete test blocks use American standard 300*300mm. The axial compressive strength of the cylinder and the conversion coefficient of the domestic 100*100mm square square compression test block are fc'=1.19fcu, for example, the domestic 100*100mm cube test block corresponding to the cylinder compressive strength of the American standard fc'28MPa The strength is 33.33Mpa.

So there are a huge potential market for construction in Pakistan, now it is a good chance to start block making machine project, if you require more information about block making machine for sale in Pakistan, please email sales@unikmachinery.com

block making machine for sale in Pakistan

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