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Unik Has New Hydraulic Press Block Machine Coming Out
Dec 22, 2018

We, Unik has new hydraulic press block machine coming out after several years of research and development, Hydraulic press block machine refers to the use of hydraulic pressure suppression in the process of block making equipment in the production of blocks. There is no vibration noise or low noise in the production process, so it is called static block machine. The blocks produced by this machine are better in quality and more automated.Under normal circumstances, hydraulic press block machine is divided into "shock pressure type" with "vibration machine" and "hydraulic" hydraulic transmission. The noise is general, the output is high, and the compactness is general. Board maintenance is required, and the maintenance period is long. More people are employed, and the requirements for the work floor are higher, and the product types are general. The “vibration block machine” is formed by mechanical vibration of “vibration machine”, which has high noise, general output and low product compactness. Board maintenance is required, and the maintenance period is long. More people, higher requirements on the work floor, a single product category.

We produce Hydraulic Press Block Machine with 400 tons of smelting and making machine, 600 tons of stone-like hydraulic brick machine, 800 tons of lime sand brick automatic hydraulic machine, 1000 tons of fly ash sand brick brick press machine, 1200 tons static pressure brick machine,  the brick output speed is fast, the compactness is high, and the brick making quality is good. After replacing the mold, various specifications and types of cement bricks, hollow bricks, hollow blocks, color bricks, etc can be produced.if you want more information of Hydraulic Press Block Machine, please email us sales@unikmachinery.com

Hydraulic Press Block Machine

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