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The Unique Design For Concrete Block Making Machine
Jan 14, 2019

What the unique design for our concrete block making machine?The concrete block making machine has a piston cylinder that is erected in the oil tank in the brick beam and a piston that is slidingly coupled with the piston cylinder. The lower end of the piston cylinder is an open end and is close to the ground in the fuel tank. In contact, the piston has a stepped shaft shape and is divided into a large diameter and a small diameter from the bottom to the top, wherein the peripheral wall surface of the large diameter section is in close contact with the inner wall surface of the piston cylinder, and the peripheral wall surface of the small diameter section and the inner wall surface of the piston cylinder Forming a cylindrical cavity with a circular cross section, the cavity is in communication with the oil outlet of the piston cylinder, the top of the piston cylinder is provided with a through hole, and the small diameter section of the piston extends through the through hole to the outside of the cylinder, and the hole of the through hole The wall is in close contact with the peripheral wall of the small diameter section of the piston. Under the premise of ensuring the safe production of the cement brick, the hydraulic system is adjusted to make the hydraulic cylinder in a high pressure state, the pressure is measured, and compared with the rated pressure, the automatic control system is interrupted to maintain the high pressure state. Open the hydraulic cylinder return pipe at the appropriate part. After the pressure of the memory oil is released, observe the leakage of hydraulic oil in the return pipe. If the limit value is exceeded, it is proved that the guide wall of the cavity wall exists. Heavy local wear or scratch accident, it is believed the cylinder guide wall surface has worn or locally occurred after severe scratching, the hydraulic cylinder can be disassembled, subjected to further examination and is ready for its repair.

hydraulic cylinder for block bricks making machine

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