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The Uasge And The Application Of Concrete Block Clamp
Jan 27, 2018

First, the usage of concrete block clamp

Compared to the traditional sense of the use of forks to take the gaood pallets for handling and stacking, the application of special attachments can greatly improve the efficiency of the forklift and reduce operating costs. Dedicated concrete block clamp of forklift can clamp, rotate (clockwise / counterclockwise), shift, push / pull, flip (forward / backward), separate / close (adjust fork spacing), stretch and other functions. This is an action that ordinary forklift fork can not be completed. 


The significance of the application of forklift special attachments can be summarized as follows:

1. High production efficiency, low operating costs.

Mechanized handling is shorter than traditional manpower handling, reducing labor costs and costs and increasing work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of forklift movements significantly reduced. The corresponding tire / transmission gear / fuel consumption are also reduced, the operating costs are also reduced accordingly.


2. Safe and reliable operation, reducing the accident rate.

Designed and manufactured by a professional manufacturer of forklift trucks, the equipment for different industry conditions is designed with safety devices. In the abnormal case, the goods that clamped by concrete block clamp goods are not easy to slip, such as the pressure maintaining device of concrete block clamp (when goods are carrying, tubing will burst, the hydraulic system maintain pressure, and the goods will not slip); the buffer device on the end of sidefixture clamp, which will reduce the accident rate.


3 Small loss of goods.

With features such as clip-on / sideshift / rotation, the goods can be transported or piled higher or handled more safely, thus minimizing the loss of the goods. The use of attachments also reduces the frequency of use of pallets (eg without pallet handling) and their corresponding procurement and repair costs are also reduced. 


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If you need further information of our concrete block clamp, please feel free to email sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com

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