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The Technology Of Concrete Mixer Machine
Feb 26, 2018

Although the concrete mixer machine has achieved rapid development in recent years, its reliability, safety, environmental protection and humanity still have some shortcomings.Therefore we should improve the technology of concrete mixer machine to meet higher requirements

Concrete double horizontal shaft mixer consists of rack, stirring device, transmission system, limit device and electrical control system, The rack is a supporting part of the whole equipment and is formed by welding the channel steel. The stirring device is composed of a stirring cylinder, a stirring shaft and a stirring blade. The stirring blade is fixed on the stirring arm and is integrated with the stirring shaft to form two groups of spirals In the opposite direction, However, the lead and lead the same helix angle spiral shovel shovel mixing shovel mixer drum inner arm and the gap can be adjusted. The transmission mechanism is composed of a deceleration civil machine and a coupling. The cylinder limiting device is composed of a locking pin and a positioning hole, and the electrical control system has the functions of starting, starting, stopping and timing. Deceleration motor through the coupling shaft so that the stirring shaft rotates in one direction, the positive and negative mixing shaft shovel stirring material, due to the role of spiral angle, the shovel work cylinder material from one side to the other Side, and pushed back from the other side of the original cycle of action, the material was fully stirred, so as to obtain the desired mixing effect. Discharge should be shut down, set the lock, so that the cylinder rotation angle, and then limit, press the jog button, to achieve discharge mixture tube

Concrete Mixer Machine

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