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The Prospects Of Automatic Concrete Pipe Making Machine Industry
Jan 25, 2018

With the rapid economic development in our country and the increasing pace of urbanization, the demand of concrete as the main building material has also become larger and larger. In the integration of urban and rural areas and the construction of rural urbanization, the whole area will inevitably require a large number of concrete products. In addition, in the face of the new opportunities for economic development, the construction industry and the real estate industry have become one of the major driving forces driving the growth of the national economy. Concrete machinery industry prospects will become more broad, and the prospects will become better. According to statistics in 2005, the urbanization rate in China was 43%. In recent years, the urban population has increased by about 20 million each year. In addition there are a large number of rural surplus labor force flock to urban area for employment. When rural population transfer to urban areas,they not only retains the homeland, but also to find housing shelter in the city, make money and return home to build a house. All of these have prompted housing construction and the real estate industry to continue to rise. As the development of the times, the automatic  concrete pipe making machine has also continued to develop.

Our company has adopted a series of new policies to make greater achievements in the future of the industry. First of all, the elimination of backward production capacity will promote industrial technology upgrading. More important is to reduce supply, making a positive impact for the industry boom. Time and quantity have clear guidance, and the number may exceed expectations. On the other hand, automatic concrete pipe making machine industry as one of the pillar industries of national infrastructure, the competition is extremely fierce. Some automatic concrete pipe making machine business have regional protection. Although the effect of industrial restructuring has continued to emerge, but the "new industrial policy" has not been introduced. Time and direction of industrial restructuring has always been unable to convince the market. This time the national industrial policy is bound to play a major programmatic force to promote industrial restructuring. We must grasp the overall situation of urbanization and development, make full use of the state preferential policies for the automatic concrete pipe making machine industry, strengthen scientific and technological research, strengthen team training, improve scientific management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and constantly open up and work together to create first-class machinery. 

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