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Stretch Film Wrap Sweep Over The World
Apr 16, 2018

From the latest report published by AMI, the global market for stretch film wrap is expected to increase by 1 million tons in the next five years. The market for the global pallet wrap film is huge. Its demand for polyethylene is close to 3 million tons, and it is growing at a rate of over 7% every year. It is estimated that by 2018, the global pallet wrapping film market will reach 4 million tons, accounting for 9% of the total global demand for polyethylene

The global market continues to grow

Over the past two decades, pallet stretch packaging has been a successful case in the global plastics industry. Unlike other pallet-related market stabilization, the strong demand from transportation systems and end-users, and the unique competitive advantages of stretch-wrapping, have enabled this form of packaging to continue to grow in developed countries and accelerate growth in other parts of the world.At present, the demand for tray wrapping films all over the world is continuously increasing. The development of the regional markets of the European and North American Free Trade Agreements has matured, and developing countries are investing and developing this market.Although the scattered investment in the film industry in the Middle East and Asia has resulted in a high degree of market fragmentation in these regions, the markets of the European and North American Free Trade Zones tend to be integrated because they are dominated by large companies.For example, Manuli Stretch, the leader in the stretch film industry, recently acquired Quintec Films, further consolidating its position in the North American market. In addition to factories in Europe and Latin America, Manuli also plans to invest in Russia.

Europe and North America still dominate the market

At present, the production of pallet wrap film in Europe accounts for 47% of the global market, and the North American free trade zone is 29%. In the next five years, the capacity growth in the Middle East is expected to attract the most attention. With the further expansion of market share in Asia, the proportion of European and North American Free Trade Zones in global production will drop from 76% to 68%, but it will dominate the market. Status is still difficult to shake.During this five-year period, global demand for membranes will also continue to increase, with an average annual growth rate of 7.3%. Among them, the European and North American free trade zone markets will increase by 5.8% and 4.0% respectively; in Asia, Latin America and other regions, the increase will be 11%~14%.

There are also significant differences in the types of film used in all regions. In the North American Free Trade Area, hand-wrapped films accounted for 42% of the total weight of the stretch film in the trays, while the proportions in Europe and Latin America were slightly higher at 44%. The demand for hand wrap film in the Asian region accounted for the regional trays. More than 70% of the total amount of wrapping film. Driven by the high use rate of membranes in China, this ratio is expected to increase further in the next five years.

stretch film wrap

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