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Our Block Making Machine Can Be A Garbage Recycling Machine
Dec 05, 2018

Plastic pollution has caused great concern to all countries in the world. The plastics we throw away every day are rarely recycled or burned, from waste to energy. The remaining part of the plastic waste will eventually enter the landfill, and most plastic waste may take 1000 years to decompose. At the same time, the potential toxic substances contaminated by plastic will also penetrate into the soil and water.

World environmental experts point out that particles produced by plastics can have serious effects on soil, sediments and fresh water, and may have long-term negative effects on these ecosystems. Experts say that plastic particles are about 4 to 23 times more harmful to the land than plastics to the ocean, depending on the ecological environment.

Plastic waste researchers concluded that the results of the plastic waste research institute have been very worrying so far: plastic debris is almost everywhere in the world, and one-third of plastic waste eventually remains in soil or fresh water, and may cause a variety of Negative Effects.

Our company has successfully developed a new type of block making machine, which can be a garbage recycling machine, with the goal of helping China's ecological environment protection. Researchers of Unik Company said that the block making machine is the product of the traditional free-burning brick machine for the raw material acquisition, production process and product use. The block making machine adopts the three-in-one structure design of liquid, machine and electricity. It takes construction waste, slag, steel slag and domestic waste incineration slag as raw materials. It can be fully controlled by PLC control system, which can completely realize the unmanned operation of the complete production line. It is reported that each block making machine can digest about 100,000 tons of solid waste resources every year, effectively contributing to the development of China's solid waste resources.

Our block making machine can be a garbage recycling machine

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