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New Technology Coming Out Of Stretch Film For Packing
Apr 21, 2018

New technology--- cold stretched film is coming out of stretch film for packing,a few years ago, Only a small number of well-known large foreign-owned power companies have applied this packaging technology to their factories in China (specially used for packaging products sold back to European and American markets). In the past two years, domestic well-known home appliance companies have also introduced cold-drawn packaging one after another. Technology to package their home appliances exported to Europe and the United States market.

The cold stretched film has a wide range of uses and is suitable for containerized packaging of foreign trade, food and beverage, papermaking crafts, glass and ceramic electromechanical castings, books and periodicals, electronic products, and chemical raw materials. Its characteristics are high tensile strength, vertical and horizontal elongation can reach more than 100%, anti-jamming, anti-tearing performance, variable biaxial stretching, strong fastening.

The advantages of cold stretched film are many, its use cost is low, and the cost of packaging can be saved; the film has excellent transparency, so that the packaged goods are beautiful and elegant; the safety performance is good, non-toxic, odorless, and the production efficiency is improved; Can play a role of dust, moisture, cleaning to make the package more secure.


1.The use of wrap film wrapped goods is not stable and unsafe, and the use of cold stretched packaged goods is stable and safe.

2.The single-layer film is put on the tray, and the visual effect is good to attract people's eyes; the stretch film needs multiple layers to overlap, and stickiness causes the dust to easily adhere to the film surface, but the cold-stretch film does not have this phenomenon.

3.Cold-stretch film packaging tilt experiment, packaging is not scattered, good shape, good perspective, strong clamping force; wrapping film packaging tilt experiment, dumping, tray out of the package, the shape of a serious distortion, poor clamping force

4.Compared with the wrapping machine, the cold stretching film machine has low maintenance cost, long service life of more than 20 years, strong machine stability, and up to 100% chance of replacement; the film does not need to be shut down, and there is no need to keep the machine on standby.


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