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New Technology Coming Out For Stretch Film Hand Roll
Apr 17, 2018

For the ever-increasing demands of users, winding film manufacturers are also faced with enormous challenges, how can we make the stretch film meet the micron size requirements,At the same time also have a good appearance and performance, so the technology of manufacturing is quite important for manfacturer.

In the injection molding process, we need to take into account the air mark and stress problems of the gate. Usually we need to use multi-level injection molding to ensure that the material can be filled in a steady state.In addition, the pressure holding time needs to be considered. Too small holding pressure will cause the product to shrink, but excessive holding pressure will lead to stress concentration and large size.

In addition, the time that the wrapping film material stays in the material tube also needs to be strictly monitored, and the material staying in the material tube is too long, which may cause the degradation of the material to affect the function of the product. It is recommended that standard parameter control be performed on process parameter management. Each product should be DOE verified before mass production. All changes in production must be re-tested for size and function.

As a branch in the field of injection molding, micro-injection molding is developing in the direction of high dimensional accuracy, high functional requirements, and high appearance requirements. Stretch film hand roll manufacturers only through the strict control and technology of various processes such as molds, equipment, materials, and processes. To meet the development of the market.

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New technology coming out for stretch film hand roll

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