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New CNC Heavy Duty Gantry Crane And Plasma Flame Cutting Machine For Building Block Making Machine
Apr 18, 2018

With the continuous expansion of the company's business and the continuous growth of orders, in order to improve the production efficiency and meet the needs of our customers, our company has recently purchased a new type CNC heavy duty gantry crane and plasma flame cutting machine to make the  Building Block Making Machine look , quality and technology have all been greatly improved.

This equipment adopts the most advanced power energy-saving technology, IGBT inverter, precise preset cutting current, infinitely adjustable, reliable arc striking, stable current, straight arc, clean cutting, and excellent craftsmanship.At work, cutting current is set in advance, nozzles and other accessories suitable for this current are installed, and appropriate carrier gas and cooling gas are selected to perform batch cutting of various metal materials such as straight lines, curves, arcs, and the like. Fast, high cutting accuracy.Through the introduction of advanced equipment, not only the labor intensity of workers has been reduced, but also the quality of products has been qualitatively improved. At the same time, the company's strength and production capacity have been improved, and the company has always been in the forefront in the ever-increasing market competition, providing quality and stability for our customers. , quality first-class products.

If you need further information of our Building Block Making Machine, please feel free to email sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com



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