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How To Maintain Block Making Machine In Winter
Oct 24, 2017

When in winter especially in the north of China, the weather temperature is getting colder, most of the brick factory usually go to “sleep” during a cold climate.Because the production of block making machine is not the same from winter and summer, the material humidity and the pressure should be adjusted. For maintenance is also different. The maintenance in the winter should focus on the maintenance of the products and the maintenance of the production materials, Because the production of materials to add a certain amount of water, and sleep temperature is too low will be frozen,we suggest to add some antifreeze additive, about the equipments, the overall production environment should also pay attention to antifreeze, and products should focus on insulation and moisture to achieve the best production results.


1.When the temperature is too low, especially in the northeastern region. After the production line downtime, as soon as possible to do the following aspects.All hydraulic fluids in the hydraulic pump station should be drained.

2.PLC control cabinet as the internal circuit lines are high precision equipment, you had better leave indoors, to prevent low temperature water vapor icing, melting caused by short circuit.If use rubber hydraulic hose, have to remove the hose and transfer indoors. Prevent freezing and thawing to reduce hose life, resulting in hose leakage

3.In order not to affect the quality of concrete products, have to avoid stirring ice during production, should be quantitative mixing, quantitative feed and quantitative fabrics, mixing water better to use warm water. Hydraulic hose to the valve and the interface need to be taken appropriate insulation to keep warm. When the conditions are not available, be sure to stop production. To ensure the safety of production and finished products qualified



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