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How To Judge The Quality Of Electric Pole
Nov 23, 2017

We should strengthen the safety management of cement electric pole from the quality supervision in the production process.

First of all, we should start with the strict supervision of the entire manufacturing process,prohibiting inferior cement poles into the network.From the perspective of cement production, the cement used to make the cement poles should be Portland cement or slag cement.From the quality supervision of the factory, the quality inspection and

sampling before they leave the factory is essential.

The inspection content and standards are mainly as follows:

The sticky skin area of pitted surface in the pole surface should not exceed 5% of the total length;Seams should not leakage, its length should not be more than 300 mm,and its depth shoud not be more than main reinforcement layer; the surface should without horizontal crack and should have Longitudinal cracks;Inside and outside surface does not allow exposing steel;Pole head should be sealed,and iron pieces should be antiseptic treatment;Concrete intensity should not be less than 40 MPa.After the appearance inspection and the necessary sampling inspection passed, cement poles can be leave.Through the above description,in order to transport,cement poles factory have to ensure that the quality mentioned above.


So how to judge the quality of electric pole?

Cement pole is an essential tool in our process of electricity erection.Whether in rural or urban areas,the figure of this equipment can be seen at any time.The quality of cement pole directly affects the safety and effectiveness of power supply.Therefore, when we choose the cement pole, we must choose the higher quality cement electric pole products.

So, what kind of cement rod is of better quality?

 At first,we should look at the surface of cement electric pole.Good cement pole looks smooth and straight. Its local pitted surface and sticky skin look lower, not exceed 5% of the total,and can be patched.There is no more than 0.05 mm circumferential cracks on the outer surface and not allowed in the seams slip leakage.The tip and root of electric pole should not have bump and mortar leakage.However, when the circumferential bruise or leakage length is not exceed 1/4 of the circumference and the longitudinal length is not more than 50mm, the factory can be allowed to repair.

The surface that combined with steel ring or flange of cement electric pole and the pole should not be mortar leakage.The internal and external surfaces should not expose steel.The inner surface of the concrete should not have slump.The distance between the concrete face of the inner wall at the steel ring weld and the welding junction shall not be less than 10mm.From the inspection of the electric pole, the size of the electric pole shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB396-84.Therefore, when we buy the power pole,we must open our eyes to distinguish and strive to find the right poles for our own use to improve our quality of the project and extend the service life.

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