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How To Install And Maintain Triangular Belt For Hollow Block Making Machine
Nov 06, 2017

Premature worn-out of the triangular belt is usually by improper installation or maintenance, thus the following suggested regulations should gain special attention.Belt Pulley:The slots on the belt pulley should be in good condition, without any abrasion or notch, and the dimension should comply with relative standards;Collimation:Before the installation of the driving belt, correct collimation should be done between the axis and the belt pulley. The suggested maximum tolerance between the two surfaces is +-mm.Under such circumstances, all the triangular belts contained should be able to cooperate. The selection work should be done through measurements, and the identification of the manufacturer code or other marks. The belt should be re-measured if it has been stored for some time.

Before the installation of the triangular belt, the center distance driving wheels should be shortened so that the triangular belt can be installed with ease, free from any extensional force. If the belts are fixed onto the belt pulley by force, they will suffer serious stress, which will do harm to the surface fibers and the high quality and cause damage to extensional elements.

Vibration box.jpg

Strain the belts correctly, and re-strain them after 30mins to 4hours of full-load operation to make up for the initial extension and the embedding into the belt slots.

Check often the triangular belt driving to see if there is still tension and if abnormal heat or abrasion occurs. Re-straining work or replacement should be done if necessary.



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