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How to choose a strong PET Strapping Packing Belt
Jan 24, 2018

Our customer who purchased our block machine is planning to order PET belt to pack the block, so he paid a visit some suppliers in China, There are a lot of Pet strap manufacturers in China, but because each manufacturer has different processes and raw materials, resulting in small difference in its quality and tensile strength.


In the daily packing process, we often encounter the case of the bundles breaking and bale breaking after the package, which is a waste of materials and costs, but also damage the product and bring unnecessary transport accidents at the same time, so we explained to our customer that how to choose a strong PET Strapping Packing Belt.

First, we ask manufacturers about PET strap tensile strength level before the purchase. H-class is mainly made of new materials, which is the best tensile strength, so we choose the H-class PET strap.

Second, look at the color and luster: General transparent color of PET strap is much better than the opaque color in quality. The higher the gloss the better the quality, but also through the incision gloss to determine the quality is good or bad. 

Third, we often ignite PET strap with a baler. After the fire, the object with iron quickly contacted the melt, and then quickly opened. If the formed wire is uniform, we believe it is good material. And we pull a few times to overlap the wire, and then opened again to see if it can be opened again without breaking. That did not break or pull a certain distance after the break is good material.


The PET straps that our company choosed are the finest straps in the industry, which brings great convenience to our machine packaging. 

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