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Domestic Material Steel Prices Of Concrete Block Machines Rose Slightly
Jun 05, 2018

According to the latest market report provided by the domestic steel information agency "My Steel", the domestic spot steel price index closed at 153.76 points in the most recent week, up 1.60% over the week.As the intensity of environmental supervision and control in many places in China has not diminished, the supply level of the steel market will remain rational and the business mentality will be better. At the beginning of the week, the steel market started to rise higher and higher, driving spot steel prices to climb. The overall market performance was good, except that the steel price reached a high level and the transaction contracted.

According to analysis, the price increase in the construction steel market is relatively large. The average price of rebar grades in major markets across the country is 4,154 yuan per ton, up by 89 yuan per week. The steel stocks data released in the middle of the week showed an increase in decline, indicating that demand was better than market expectations. Although on the weekend, the steel futures market has been pulled back, but the latest domestic factory price of construction steel manufacturers out of the "rising disk", the market mentality is still somewhat supportive.

In the sheet metal market, prices have also risen overall. The prices of hot-rolled coils have increased significantly. The average market price of hot-rolled products in major markets across the country is 4,287 yuan per ton, up 58 yuan per week. The price of plate has also seen a certain increase. The average price of mainstream specifications in major markets across the country is 4,450 yuan per ton, which is up 42 yuan per week. At present, the spot steel price maintains a certain degree of support. Only in the case of rapid price increase, the wait-and-see sentiment for terminal purchases has increased.

The iron ore market is basically stable. According to the latest report, in the domestic ore market, the prices of iron concentrates in Hebei are mainly stable, and even if they are ups and downs, the margins are very small. The price of imported ore was mainly narrowed by shock consolidation. As of May 31, the price of 62% grade imported iron ore was US$64.3 per ton, up by US$0.55 per week. At present, the supply of imported ore at the port is relatively sufficient

The analysis of relevant institutions believes that at present, there has been no significant change in the fundamentals of supply and demand in the steel market and the market is relatively optimistic. After entering in June, the increase in high temperature and rainy weather will have a certain impact on demand, but the current market inventory level is relatively satisfactory, and the steel market is still dominated by strong oscillations.

Due to the above reasons, we will adjust our price quoted for concrete block machines If you more information of concrete block machines,please feel free to email at sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com

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