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Concrete Ready Mixing Batching Plant's Report
May 26, 2018

This afternoon, I received a call from customer on a concrete ready mixing batching plant and said that my mixing station did not respondby pressing the control system discharge button. After receiving the call, we arranged for a technician to go to his site for field inspections. After inspection, it was found that the entire control system had no problem, but the problem occurred on the host of the concrete mixing plant.The mixing station host (JS forced mixer) was manually discharged. We all know that the unloading mode of the general commercial mixing plant is automatic, and it can be operated with a single key to match the fully automatic control system. However, if the unloading is manual, automatic unloading cannot be achieved even though the system is fully automatic.

What is the difference between automatic discharge and manual discharge in the mixing station?
The first is the different driving modes. There are three ways to automatically discharge: electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The manual unloading uses the original manual pull rod discharge;Followed by different work efficiency, automatic discharge can realize fully automatic control of the mixing station system, realize one-key start-stop, and manual but need manual non-stop pull-rod discharge and door closing work efficiency is extremely low, for example: one side mixing station host ( Forced concrete mixer)Automatic discharge can produce 60m3/h in one hour, but manual discharge can only discharge 30m3/h.The final difference is the cost, although the equipment package looks exactly the same, but the initial cost of automatic unloading large, but the late output ratio is high, but the manual unloading is just the opposite.

Concrete Ready mixing batching plant

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