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Cement Pipe Machine Project Report In Indonesia
May 16, 2018

So far our customer in Indonesia has used our cement pipe machine about two years, the machine has keep running very well in the factory, as our company policy we used to listen to our customer's advice after using for a while so that we improve our machine to avoid the same mistake, meanwhile provide the excellent after-service in time, there are some tips for operation of cement pipe machine as below we would like to suggest: 

  1.The cement pipe machine pays attention to checking the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level and quality frequently, and pay attention to checking the tightness of the whole machine. The lack of excess oil in the inspection should be analyzed. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point should be strengthened. It is recommended that lubrication points be greased weekly (except for special requirements) during the running-in period. When the speed reducer with oil pump is connected to the power supply, pay attention to the rotation direction of the oil pump and rotate clockwise to correct.

  2.The cement pipe making machine improves the construction operation method of the cement pipe machine. In the concrete construction, the cement pipe making machine should be evenly mixed, irrigated and vibrated densely and reinforced to ensure the construction quality of the cement pipe-making machine.

  3.Should use better sand, stone aggregate quality, qualified technical conditions of sand, stone aggregates, is to ensure the durability of cement pipe making an important condition.

  4.Appropriately controlling the cement ratio and the amount of cement in the cement pipe mill, the ratio of water to cement is the main factor that determines the compactness of the concrete. The cement pipe machine not only affects the strength of the concrete, but also seriously affects its durability, so it must be strictly controlled. Water-cement ratio. Ensuring a sufficient amount of cement can also serve to increase the compactness and durability of the concrete.

If you need more information of how to make high quality of cement pipe,please feel free to email at sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com

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