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JS750 Concrete Mixer

JS750 concrete mixer is made of special steel wire rope, precision machined parts, high quality wear-resistant alloy casting parts, etc.


JS750 concrete mixer

JS750 concrete mixer is made of special steel wire rope, precision machined parts, high quality wear-resistant alloy casting parts, etc. It has the advantages of long life, high quality, reasonable structure and novel layout. Supporting design of the hydraulic lubrication system ensures the reliable operation of the equipment, while the operation control is more intelligent and user-friendly. Each tank can be discharged standard 0.75 cubic concrete, and the 6 cubic transport tanks can be mixed in 8 minutes.

Main features:

1. even mixing: Several sets of mixing blades in the circular groove type mixing tube are staggered, so that the mixture is fully mixed in the tube, and the mixture is rapidly and uniformly stirred.

2. Compact structure: The discharge door of JS750 mixer is driven by imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional drive form, it has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, precise positioning of opening door and so on.

3. Good sealing performance: The JS750 mixer adopts three seals, an aggregate rack seal and a hydraulic system oil supply pump, which can effectively prevent the main neck shaft from being rapidly worn and causing slurry leakage.

5. The cycle time is short: the blade speed of the general mixer is 26 rpm, and the speed of the JS750 mixer is 29.3 rpm.

6. Easy to operate: The 750 mixer is highly automated whether it is feeding, discharging, or water supply, and all the motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Composition structure

Loading system

The wire rope pulling hopper will climb upward. When climbing to a certain height, the hopper will enter the loading rack, the bucket door will open automatically, and the material will be discharged into the mixing tube through the funnel.


Mixing system

The mixing system consists of a motor, a pulley, a gear box, a gear, a stirring device, a mixing drum, and so on, The main motor is connected to the secondary gear reduction box through a belt, and finally drives the two horizontally-arranged agitator shafts to the same constant speed through two pairs of open gears.


Control cabinet

The electrical control system needs to control the motor of the 750 mixer's main drive motor, water supply system motor, feeding, and cutting. All electrical control components are located in the control cabinet. The electrical components in the distribution box are installed on a piece of iron plate, which is safe and reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.


Discharging system

The discharging system is at the bottom of the mixer and is unloaded by a manual push rod. According to customer requirements, it is possible to produce mixers in the form of electric push rod discharges. The connection between the discharge door and the mixing drum is sealed with a sealing plate, and the position of the sealing plate can be adjusted to ensure the sealing purpose。


Technical specification:

Output capacity


Motor type


Input capacity


Mixing motor power




Winch motor model


Mixing blade speed


Winch motor power


Mixing blade quantity


Water pump model


Aggregate max dia


Water pump power


Lifting motor speed


Electric push rod model


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