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What Pre-use inspection must be strictly performed for concrete block machines
Jun 04, 2018

Before starting up,check the power problem first.In order to ensure the safety of production and avoid some non-human factors to destroy the equipment, such as animals inadvertently biting, will bite off the wires, these issues need to pay attention, so check each of the wires before turning on the machine is intact,  should be promptly replaced if find breakage.

Before the machine starts, the machine must check whether there are any debris on the mold and mold box. If there is windy and snowy weather in the evening, it is inevitable that debris will be blown onto the mold. Direct production will affect the specifications of the brick, affecting the quality and strength. Clean the mold, you can also apply a layer of oil on the mold to avoid sticking the material on the mold and reduce the output. The upper and lower molds should be aligned and the installation adjusted well in production.

Secondly, all the protective hoods and floor covers must be installed before the operation of the machine, and safe operation should be placed in the first place.

Before the operation of the equipment, the personnel who have nothing to do with the work should be cleaned up. In particular, it is forbidden to stand in the direction of the motor to avoid safety accidents.the feeder equipment cannot be started to avoid the phenomenon of overload, resulting in damage to the equipment components.

A special reminder is that the machine must be installed before the operation of the concrete block machine. It is forbidden for non-operators to approach or directly place hand or debris into the sealed network to avoid equipment failure.

The operation of theconcrete block making production line is large and the power is strong. For personal safety, safety measures must be placed first. Daily preparation before starting, and regular full inspection.

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