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What new technological standard of cement silo for sale
Apr 19, 2018

The silo body is the core part of the cement silo. If the quality of the tank is not enough, it will be fatal to the entire silo. The silobody should conform to the specified IT15 level in the GB/T1804 standard to maintain the uniformity of the body.

1) For welding of cylinders, continuous welding shall be carried out on both sides in accordance with the requirements specified in GB/T985, GB/T 5117 and JB 2880 standards. and inspection shall be carried out with exudate.It is required that the whole circle should be straight and light (no obvious hammer marks), uneven surface roughness, tolerance less than 5mm, and no more than 5 marks per square meter.After the cans are welded, the rust and scale are removed, and the inner and outer walls are painted with a primer. According to JB 2536 and this standard, after the cans are assembled, the outer surface is painted with yellow (or green, blue) epoxy rust. Two layers of paint, the total thickness of the paint film is more than 150um, and there must be no paint defects such as wrinkle skin, flow marks, pan rust, and mixed colors.

2)The four pillars should be consistent, their length tolerances should not exceed 5mm, and the welding between the pillars and the cones and the underframe must adopt “reinforcement” full-weld heights of 1mm. There must be no false welds, or use of pallets or Visual inspection, after welding, the central axis of the can body is to be kept perpendicular to the base surface of the bottom frame. The verticality error shall be in accordance with the 12-level tolerance in GB/T 1184.

3)Discharge valve flap and valve body to maintain 1mm single gap (check with a feeler gauge), and requires that the flap rotation flexibility and effort, when the discharge valve is closed, the flap should be close to the retaining ring, there should be no obvious ash leakage (visual inspection an examination). The top of the tank safety valve, must According to the design and manufacture of the installation, the valve stem should be flexible and must not be jammed.

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