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What is Fly Ash brick making machine
Jan 26, 2018

Fly ash is one of the most widely used industrial waste in our country. In 1997, the national discharge of fly ash has exceeded 100 million tons. By 2005, the annual discharge of ash will reach 160 million tons, making it the largest ash discharge country in the world. Large amounts of fly ash will not generate dust and pollute the atmosphere If it is drained into the water system, the river will be blocked, and the toxic chemicals in it will cause harm to the human body and biology, and occupy a large amount of land.

Fly ash brick making machine is designed to use fly ash, river sand, gravel, stone powder, fly ash, waste ceramic slag, other materials to add a small amount of cement to produce concrete products. Most use of hydraulic molding mode, but also the use of vibration molding.Fly ash concrete pavement with cement and fly ash as the cement mixed with coarse aggregate and other materials, raw materials by the measurement of mixing, forming, curing made of change molding can be made of brick, interlocking pavement brick, antique Brick, green grass brick, road blocks and other shapes along the pavement.

Fly ash concrete pavement brick not only has the advantages and uses ordinary concrete pavement, and light weight, small thermal conductivity, long-term performance is better for roadway, sidewalk, garden roads, squares, pavilions, antique building roads, parking, slope protection and greening.

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