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What development trend of Concrete Block Making Machines with the development of the construction industry
Jun 08, 2018

The country has advocated the use of new wall materials for more than 20 years. The local brick factories have been continuously improved. The use of an unburned cement brick machine, automatic production, time and effort, and can reduce the use of land resources of clay red brick. The concrete block making machines gradually replaced the clay brick machine and became the main equipment of the construction industry.

The cement brick machine factory spreads all over the country, but there are still limitations. New building materials are mainly used in high-rise buildings in urban areas, and the use of new-type wall and building materials in township areas is small. As the cement brick machine matures, the market needs to gradually saturate. In order to tap more markets, they begin to shift to townships. There is a large greenhouse strawberry grower in Yishui County that has rationally used the new wall material to construct a greenhouse. The unburned bricks have better insulation than clay red bricks and have a relatively small footprint. According to the introduction of the old farmer, it is now almost time for strawberries to be harvested. The strawberries grown in the sheds built with unburned bricks are faster than those in ordinary greenhouses. They are relatively large, and some are beginning to turn red. And the insulation of greenhouses built with non-burning bricks can be higher than that of ordinary greenhouses, and it is also a good reason for long strawberries. Therefore, the concrete blocks can be used not only for the construction of high-rise buildings in the city, but also for its diversification, which can guarantee the quality of housing construction.

We produce fully automatic and semi-automatic concrete block making machines, The production volume of different types of block machines is different. We have our own offices throughout the country and in some parts of the foreign countries to ensure that after-sales service work is improved. And provide the company's internal engineers on-site planning and construction, installation guidance.

Concrete block making machines

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