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What Classification of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Making Machine
Dec 21, 2017

Classification of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Making Machine

First, the hanging roller method,Hanging roller is the most widely used cement pipe machine in China. Reinforced concrete drainage pipe occupies an important position in Chinese history. After introduced by the Australian rock company in last century and a lot of improvement and innovation, it is still the main equipment of cement pipe production, manufacture and prefabrication. 

Hanging roller machines (usually setting by hanging roll forming machines and feeding devices) employ a roll suspension method for the production of concrete and reinforced concrete drainage (hereinafter referred to as drainage). It is molding equipment that three-phase prestressed concrete conveying (delivery). This product has good compaction, aesthetics, high production efficiency, low noise, simple equipment, good working environment and so on.Since its invention in 1943, it has been used in nearly 30 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. In some countries such as Australia and the United States cement pipe industry, it is not only widely used in the production of water pipes, but also for the production of water pipes. These countries can produce water pipes up to 5 meters in diameter and water pipes with a diameter of φ255-φ3000mm.


Second,centrifugal method,Centrifugal cement pipe machine is made of sand, gravel and cement, and it can produce a variety of concrete drainage pipes, such as 1000 - 5000mm length, 200 - 1200mm inner diameter, as well as a variety of other concrete pipes. All mechanical indicators are in line with national standards. It is widely used in deep well, municipal drainage, roads and other water supply and drainage projects, and the production efficiency is 4-5 sections. Compared with the suspension roller technology, the production equipment is only a different molding unit. Centrifuge instead of hanging roller, other equipments are the same with the suspension roller technology, such as lifting equipment, steel skeleton molding machine, steam curing facilities, concrete mixing, etc. In order to save more construction investment, you can build an open-air production line.





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