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What Characteristics of Automatic Concrete Pipe Making Machine
Feb 03, 2018

Automatic concrete pipe making machine has a short molding time, high strength of concrete, good impermeability, good working conditions and there is no phenomenon of stratified bleeding,and other benefits. The defect is that the socket forming is prone to defects. However, this problem can only be handled by strengthening management, careful operation and promoting skills. The production has been tested after Introduced a production line more than a year, the passing rate of products has gone from 76.4% of the pre-production period to more than 95% of the latter period, reaching and exceeding the planning policy.

 Automatic concrete pipe making machine is a very economical equipment. Compared with centrifugal cement pipe machine, it at least save more than one hundred kilograms of concrete per cubic concrete. In addition, hanging roll cement pipe machine also has the following characteristics.

1.Using the steam or natural curing, the shape of the pipe to achieve the standard strength, the average efficiency of 6-8 knots / hour. Simple operation, stable operation, reliable and durable, low failure rate.

2.The use of suspension roller plus vibration of the composite process: cement pipe is suspended in the vibration and vibration of the composite process under the conditions of forming, which improve the quality of cement pipe, especially for improving the quality of the bearing surface is favorable

3.Suspension shaft with two-point structure: the adjustable arm on the fulcrum with the lift function, easy to operate, reliable role

4.The use of more perfect two-stage feeding system: the hopper concrete material through the sub-feeder and then evenly into the fabric feeder trough.

automatic concrete pipe making machine_副本.jpg

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