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What difference between black and green PET strap
Jan 23, 2018

Currently on the market PET strap mostly green, and we see other colorful packing tape are basically PP strap. In fact, PET strap in addition to green, there are other colors, but only a small proportion. A little more common strap are black PET strap. What is the difference between them then? 

Not all PET straps are green, some are black. Black PET strap is produced through adding black fuel and additives on the basis of the green PET strap by manufactures. This production mode not only improves the performance of PET, but also changes the color of the band. 

Black PET strap will waste part of the raw materials in dyeing process, so the price is generally higher than the price of average straps. 

PET strap appeared in the market has reached 10 years. We all know PET strap is green. As we all know, PET strap is used PET as raw material, such as the same material of mineral water bottle. We call polyester fiber, and it is also an indispensable material in daily life, such as clothes, dust masks, diaper, EPE are all produced by this raw material, instead of cotton. 

The PET bottle or pellet market required for the production of green PET strap is relatively scarce and has a relationship with poor cotton harvest, which is in short supply. At present, many of the raw materials for producing green PET strap are imported from abroad.


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