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The advantages of the new precast lightweight wall panel machine
Jan 15, 2018

1. It has compact structure, high automation,fixed equipment host, and it equipped with the overall technology is mature and reliable. 

2. Hydraulic mold opening and closing, automatic temperature control, electric heating and steam heating or water heating of the device are easy to use. It has high speed in mold producing,short maintenance cycle and high efficiency.


3. Its equipment molding cavity structure has good stiffness, and double-sided molding has high-precision. It equipped with positioning system, plate with precise thickness and high degree of flatness.


4. The new equipment combined with hydraulic power control system and electrical control system, and also a high degree of automated machine.


5. Continuous deployment of networks is accurate and convenient. Its protective layer thickness is average, which make the thermal insulation property is stronger and improve the quality of wall panel.


6. Plastic core tube is free from erosion, and electric pipe without time limit.


7. It using the unique mixing process and wall panel molding process, reducing the water-cement ratio of lightweight concrete, and improving the strength of the wall panel.


8. A multi-purpose machine, its wall panel height has high adjustability, which can produce 2 million square meters.


9. It has low cost, simple operation and easy maintenance.


10. It has less labor and small footprint, which can be produced at the construction site.


11. It has a wide range of applications.

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