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Some tips for Automatic Concrete Aggregate Batching Machine plants
Sep 26, 2018

As a manager of Automatic Concrete Aggregate Batching Machine plants, it is very important to control raw materials in daily management.
First of all, cement must be inspected before entering the market, and must have relevant factory certificates and test reports.
Second, for relatively long cement storage must be tested in advance, in general, the cement plant will be considered overdue from more than three months.
3. The production of different cement products shall not be blended together. For different strength grades or different dates of the same type of cement, it shall not be mixed. As a management personnel, the above provisions shall be kept in mind. At the same time, sand, gravel and water are also important. Concrete mixing stations should be strictly implemented in accordance with national standards.
The manager must have a detailed understanding of the basic characteristics of the concrete, and the concrete strength of the concrete mixing station should be at the required level. The workability of concrete is a comprehensive technical performance. The workability of concrete directly affects the construction and strength grade of concrete. Therefore, workability is an important indicator to judge the quality of concrete.

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Automatic Concrete Aggregate Batching Machine plants

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