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Some items need to be checked before operating Aggregate Batching machine
Dec 02, 2017


Items of Aggregate Batching machine to check  before operation :

1. To check whether the ends of the coupling pin of cylinder is solid, and whether the cylinder rod is without curve and deformation. If necessary, handle it accordingly.

2. To check whether the couoling pin of feeding door is solid, and whether the material is without curve and deformation, Anti-strip material for damage. And, to check there is no damage to anti-clapboard, if necessary, handle these issues accordingly.

3. To check whether the bolts and screws of the connecting, fixed, transmission parts are loose. The loose item shall be fastened. Special attention should be paid to sensor fastening bolts, front and rear roller mounting bolts, limit bolts of feeding door, electric vibrator bolts.

4 .To check whether all the rollers of conveyor belt is running flexible. If there are inflexible rollers, they should be replaced and repaired.

5 .To check whether there is foreign matter between the before and after roller, cylinder and belt conveyor, if it existed, it must be cleared.

6. To check whether the cleaner is flexible and whether the cleaning rubber band is worn to the limit. If necessary, the cleaner should be adjusted to the normal position. If there is no margin for adjustment, the rubber band of cleaner should be replaced.

7. To check whether the electric roller has oil spill and lack of oil. If there is a serious oil spill, the electric roller should be arranged to repair. If there is lack of oil, the electric roller should be added enough oil.

8. To check whether the gas pipe joints have leakage and whether the gas pipe are damaged, handling accordingly if necessary.

9 .To check whether the oil mist is lack of oil, if necessary, to be added. And exhaust the water inside the filter.

10 To check whether lubrication of the lubricating points, in the connecting pin of feeding door and roller bearing holder, is good. Poor lubrication should be arranged to repair. Under normal circumstances,  the lubrication of front and rear roller bearing holder should be arranged once a day.

11. To check whether the electrical wiring joints is loose and short circuit. If there are these problems, the electrical wiring joints should be handled.


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