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Malfunction and Problem Shootings of the Hydraulic System for Hollow Block Machine
Oct 30, 2017



Problem   Shooting Methods




No oil from oil pump

1. Wrong turning


2. Air leakage of the oil pump   and oil outlet

Eliminate   air leakage

3. Filter   gauze being blocked by foreign body









Serious noise of the hydraulic   system oil circuit

1. Loose connection between   the circuit and other components

2.  Air exists in the circuit

3. Filter gauze blocked Insufficient oil in the oil   tank

4. Froth exists

5. Oil temperature too is low

6.High viscosity of the oil

7.Pump axis and driving motor are not misalignment

Fasten   the connection


Reverse   turning of the motor will

Cleaning   or change

Add   oil

Change   for fresh oil

Blank   run heating or Change the oil

Change   the oil









System pressure stays low


1. Shimmy damper failure

2. Dead block of the oil inlet

3. Serious abrasion of the oil   pump

4. Pressure gauge damage

5. Oil level is too low

6. Insufficient cracking   pressure of the overflow valve

7. Leakage of the components

Adjustment   or repair


Repair   or change

Repair   or change

Make   it high

Increase   the pressure

Cleaning,   repair, change




Over-high temperature of the   oil

1. Long duration of load application

2. Too much attrition of the   oil pump or the components

3. Oil is not clean or the entry of impurity

Examine   and repair the overflow valve

Examine   and repair, or change

Change   for clean oil and examine the filter gauze


No   reversing of the magnet valve

1.Poor contact of   electromagnet

2. Slide valve failure or the   existence of foreign body

Examine the circuit and   overhaul inspection of the electromagnet. Cleaning or change.



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