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What is a stretch film
Jan 04, 2018

Stretch film as an indispensable packaging material in daily work , has reached a wide range of applications. When pallet mechanical packing is carrying out, stretch film can take pre-stretch of roller, or electric stretching. The pre-stretch of the roller is that the two rollers can be connected by the gear unit, and the pulling force is generated by the turntable. 

1. Sealed package

This package is similar to the packaging of stretch film and shrink film. Film around the tray, and wrap up the whoe tray. Then two hot grips heat-seal the two films together.

2. Full width package

This package requires a film width that is enough to cover the tray. Tray shapes are different, so the thickness of suitable stretch film is 17 ~ 35μm.

3. Craft package

This package is the easiest stretch film packaging. Membrane mounted in a rack or hand-held by the tray rolling or film around the tray turn. Film installed on a shelf, which is held by hand, or rolled by a tray or wrapped around a tray. It mainly used in the repackaging of packaged tray after damage, and the general tray packaging. This packaging speed is slow, the appropriate film thickness is 15 ~ 20μm. 

4. Stretch film wrapping machine

This is one of the most widely used mechanical packaging. Rotated by the tray or film rotated around the tray, the film is fixed on the bracket and can be moved up and down. This package can be large, about 15 to 18 trays per hour. Appropriate film thickness is about 15 ~ 25μm. 

5. Horizontal mechanical package

Not the same as other packagings, the film turns around the items. This is suitable for packaging of long products, such as carpet, sheet, fibreboard, profiled material, etc.

6. Paper tube package

This is one of the newest uses of stretch film, which is better than the wrapping film used in the old paper tube packaging. A suitable film thickness is 30 to 120 μm. 

7. Small items package

This is the latest packaging of stretch film. It not only can reduce the data consumption, but also reduce the storage space of the tray. At abroad, this package began to introduce in 1984. Just one year later, the market showed such a lot of packagings. This packaging has infinite potential. Its suitable thickness is 15 ~ 30μm. 

8. Tube and cable package

This is one way that the film is used in a particular category. For example, when packaging equipment at the end of production line, the film can not only instead of tape to bind the data, but also take the maintenance effect.The applicable thickness is 15 ~ 30μm.


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