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How to waterproof outdoor QT10-15 block making machine
Mar 13, 2018

In the rainy days, the QT10-15 block making machine cannot be started normally because the cement bricks produced during the rain are still in the solidification stage. Generally, the rainy days are all suspended. In particular, in the south, the rainy season is particularly long. When the work is stopped, it must be Do preventive measures.


1.During the stoppage period, all clicks on the brick machine must be removed and placed in a rain-proof, dry place.

2.All speed reducers must be covered with waterproof cloth,otherwise rainwater enters into the reducer, causing rust.

3.The hydraulic pump station of the hydraulic brick machine should also be covered with waterproof cloth to prevent rainwater from entering the oil system.

4.The mold of the brick machine must be removed for proper preservation and anti-rust paint should be applied.

5.Apply a layer of oil to the main body to prevent it from rusting and cover it with a tarpaulin.

Only after adequate waterproof measures then we can safely produce after the rainy season.


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