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How to use wooden pallets
Jan 08, 2018

The correct use of the pallet should be packaged, combined, stacked the goods on the pallet and added appropriate strapping and wrapping, to convenient for mechanical handling and transportation, thus meeting the requirements for handling, shipping and storage.

Load capacity

The load of per pallet should be less than or equal to 2 tons. In order to ensure the safety of transport, the height of center of gravity of the goods contained should not exceed two-thirds of the tray width.

Stacking way

According to the type of goods, the weight of the goods contained in the pallet and the size of the pallet, the goods stacked on the pallet should be determined in a reasonable way. Bearing surface area utilization of pallet should generally not be less than 80%. For the stacking of goods on the pallet, there are following requirements:


1. Hard, straight cube goods such as wooden, paper and metal containers should be stacked with single or multi-layer stagger, stretched or shrink film packaged.

2. Paper or fiber goods should be stacked with single-storey or multi-storey, or cross sealed with straps.

3. Sealed metal containers and other cylindrical goods should be stacked with single or multi-layer, and reinforced with wodden cargo cover.

4. Moisture-proof, waterproof and other protective paper products, textile goods should be stacked with single or multiple layers, stretched or shrink packaged goods with film to increase the angle of support, cargo cover partitions and other reinforcement structure.

5. Fragile goods should be stacked in one-way or multi-layer, increasing wood to support the structure of partition.

6. Cylindrical metal containers or cargos should be stacked in a single vertical way, increasing the cargo box and slab reinforcement structure.

7. Bags of goods should be stacked in multi-layer staggered and compacted. 


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