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How to use stretch film for packing
Apr 17, 2018

Stretch film for packing methods can be divided into mechanical packaging and manual packaging, the following details for everyone.

1.Wrap packing method

When packing, we usually pack from the bottom to the top, so we can first fix the end of the wrapping film in the corner of the object (when the cardboard box is hand-wrapped, the wrapping film will be adsorbed on it). If it is not convenient to fix, you can One person grabs the opening and the other person wraps it around for a week, fixing it with the self-adhesion of the film.

Stretch the wrapping film as much as possible during the winding process, so that the product can be tightly wrapped with the retractive force of the wrapping film and not be scattered. Note: The starting end must be fixed, which not only makes the package more compact but also saves the wrapping film. When using a wrap film machine, pay attention to the film release speed and try to stretch it to achieve the winding effect.

2.In the wrapping process not only to maintain the degree of stretching, in the packaging process to turn the wrapping machine to form a knot, according to the packaging requirements to determine the number of nodes, usually a winding surface is enough. Tie-wrapped packaging will increase the tightness of packaged goods and is suitable for the packaging of heavy and awkward items. It is not suitable for fragile packaging.

3.Manual packaging is to use without any machine, use two hands to carry on the packing, the general packing small thing is used more.Press on the starting end with a small object, and then start the orderly wrapping, during the process, the film is stretched. According to their own needs to determine the number of wrapping. Seal the items as far as possible to play the role of waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil and anti-corrosion.

Manual wrap.jpg

If you need further information of our stretch film for packing, please feel free to email sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com

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