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How to use plastic pallets
Jan 03, 2018

In order to make the plastic pallets be used safely for a long time, we hope to use the plastic pallets correctly according to the following requirements:

1. The plastic pallets should be protected from sunlight exposure, so as not to cause aging, and shorten the service life.

2. It is forbidden to throw the goods from the height in the plastic pallets. Reasonably determine the stacking of goods in the plastic pallets.Goods placed evenly, do not stacking intensively and stacking eccentrically.The plastic pallets carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat surface or on the surface of an object.

3. It is forbidden to drop the plastic pallets from the height to avoid the broken and crack of plastic pallet caused by the violent impact.

4. In the operation of forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork spurs as far as possible to rely on the outer side of the tray fork hole.Forks should be fully extended into the plastic pallets, changing the angless after lifting the plastic pallets smoothly.Fork can not hit the side of the plastic pallets, to avoid causing the tray broken, cracked.

5. When the plastic pallets are on the goods shelf,shelf-type trays must be used.Carrying capacity according to the shelf structure, non-overload use.The fixed type of pallet carrying goods are bundled, glued binding, stretch packaging, and can be used in conjunction with each other.After goods carrying by plastic pallets are fixed, they still can not meet the transport requirements and should be based on the need to choose protective reinforcement accessories.Reinforced protection accessories are made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials. 


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