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How to use PET strapping packing belt
Nov 24, 2017

PET strapping packing belt, also known as packing tape, strapping tape or PET strip.The main component of PET is polyester resin.Its appearance: transparent. Its flammability: flammable, continue to burn after leaving the flame. Its flame is yellow with black smoke;it slightly swollen, sometimes dehiscent with styrene odor. Its chemical composition is based on polyethylene terephthalate as the main raw material by finishing.The processing of pet plastic packagin is that put the material into into the screw in injection molding machine, after heating, extrude through the grinding head.The material be put into the sink for cooling and through the second traction,the PET strip  finish a pultrusion. Then, the material be put into the embossing wheel and press out the pattern, and be entered into the cooling sink again through fetch water or wind power to blow-dry. At last,the third traction pull out the fashioned PET strip and transfer into the winding machine for winding and finish its packaging. Plastic strip is currently a new type of ring packaging materials which used to replace the steel strip in the world, and widely used in metallurgical building materials and other industries. PET packing belt has low cost and easy to use.The advantages of environmental safety are favored by more and more customers.But, many people often encounter some problems in use. Now, i will tell you some simple operation method of packaging.


The use of PET packing belt:

1. Straps: The packing belt will be tied with the package.Your left hand will hold the overlap part and reserve the tail about 300mm.Then you can gently pull out the rest with your right hand.Packing: Holding the handle and tensioner with your right hand(In order to ensure the distance between the tension wheel and platen hanging tooth is the largest).To insert the upper and lower parts of straps into the strapping machine.Another special reminder: the overlap of the straps must be separated by the lower blade of the stationary cutter;Loosen the tensioner (tight wheel clamped packing tape tightly).


2. Tighten the packing tape: To hold the tension switch lever (right) with right hand (right) and don't relinquish until the packing tape is completely tight.


3. Vibration and cut off: To press and hold the vibrating switch lever with your right hand and don't move away until the strapping tape is cut off. A Special reminder: To press and hold vibration switch lever of the pneumatic baler until the vibration timer stops automatically.


4. Remove the strap:To squeeze handle and tensioner and use your right thumb to hold the transfer switch until the straps are loosened from the pinch rollers.Then, tightening the handle and tensioner to remove the tool from the strap.

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