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How to use manual forklift
Jun 23, 2018

1.Rising: Press the switch on the top of the ellipse handle to the lowest position, then shake the ellipse handle up and down to achieve the rise;
2.Drop: simply lift the switch above the elliptical handle to achieve the drop of the fork;
3.Handling: the switch above the elliptical handle parked to the middle position, you can start the transport operation.

Manual forklift use precautions
1. When the tray is placed, there must be a width of one foot between the two trays. When the tray is placed, there must be a certain distance, which is convenient for the van to walk.
2.Before using, you must know the position of the brakes of the van. It is convenient to stop in time. Don't rush to operate and avoid falling of goods.
3.Can not be stacked too high on the goods and forklifts, especially fragile goods must be more careful, lower the fork, if the fork is longer than the tray, be careful when driving;
4. Do not drive on the forklift on one foot;
5. Observe whether there are pedestrians or vehicles around when turning;
6. When the forklift is not in use, it should be placed in a standard position and not affect other operations;
7. Be sure to hold the middle of the tray to avoid tilting and collapse during driving;
8. It is forbidden to overload. If the fault is to be repaired in time, it is necessary to operate the manual hydraulic pallet truck correctly according to the attached instructions.

How to use manual forklift

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