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How to use hydraulic block clamp
Jan 25, 2018

First, please read the forklift manual before using this product, according to forklift manual requirements (full of hydraulic oil to achieve the highest oil line scale).

Second, to check each sliding part carefully (filled with oil).

Third, to check the connecting parts of forklift hydraulic concrete clamp have leakage (to be fastened, replace the composite pad, a small o-ring).

Fourth, the forklift is forbidden to hold without bricks, it must adjust the clamp pressure (9-11 MPa).

Fifth, when the forklift hydraulic block clamp is working, the high-altitude operations of the heavy vehicle is forbiddened to prevent damage to the working parts (the best position of hydraulic block clamp from the ground is 40 cm)

Sixth, you must follow the regular requirements of forklift operation and regular maintenance to extend working life.

Seventh, you should pay attention to several problems that often appear: 

(1) The bricks are not clamped or the bricks dropped. (to adjust the  screws, adjust the reflux valve pressure and check if the hydraulic lock  returns oil when clamping the bricks)

(2) If the clamping pressure is not stable or it suddenly can not work properly. (to check whether the hydraulic oil is too little or the temperature is too high. a. you need to increase the hydraulic oil or make hydraulic oil cooling.  b. you need to check whether the hydraulic part has the oil leakage)


If you need further information of our block clamp, please feel free to email sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com

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