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How to use a Concrete block clamp
Dec 27, 2017

   After many brick factory configure brick clamping machine, a lot of energy consumption and the loss of labor costs has been saved, and a lot of benefits for the factory has been created. But I still have to remind you in the operation of concrete block clamp, we must put safety in the first place. In the use of brick clamping brick, the width of the clamp should be adjusted as needed to make the load balance. Otherwise, it will cause the brick body to tilt. The side of the article should be affixed to the baffle, the loading height of the brick can not block the driver's attention. In the process of loading and unloading, the brake must be used to achieve the brake of brick clamping machine. Brick clamping machine have a high-power engine. In operation, when the clamp is near or away from the brick, the speed of the brick clamping machine should be gradually slowed down. Do not let the wheel rolling to the brick. Also, it's forbidden to use the clamp to take the brick with high speed and can not use the clamp to hit the brick. 

    During normal operation, staff operating the brick clamping machine and other personnel are prohibited from standing in the vehicle and are prohibited from standing around the clamp. The purpose of this is to avoid unnecessary casualties caused by the sudden collapse of the bricks. And staff can not manipulate the brick machine aloft, in order to avoid falling from a height. When operating the brick clamping machine must ensure that the clamped brick weight are affordable for brick clamp machine. If the machine appears noise or other abnormal conditions, should be immediately stopped operating. And to notify the maintenance staff come to troubleshoot as soon as possible. When the fault cleared, brick clamp machine can continue working. 


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