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How to setup PLC control system for Block Making Machine
Oct 11, 2017

The PLC of the Molding Machine, provided by Omron, can be exchanged within 3 year with lifetime warranty. All the moving components are controlled by relative manually controlled buttons.

Starting position:

Material loading barrow receives material under the material storing bucket.

Bearing plate conveying device has put one bearing plate on the brick-receiving platform.

Brick-receiving platform elevates to the bottom of the mold box.

Beam of the ram is suspended above the mold box.

Some bottom plates is available at the bottom plate adding device

Brick conveying machine is on the move.

Operation Procedures: 

Press the forward button of the barrow, and the barrow will move towards the material storing bucket, and stop automatically when it’s in position.

Press the vibration-starting button and auto timing vibration for 2-4 seconds. Start the arch breaking device of the material loading barrow to accelerate material unloading.

Press the reverse button for the barrow and the barrow will move towards the material storing bucket and open the mouth of the bucket will it’s in position. There are two alternatives for the adding of face material: 1,when producing colorful pavement bricks, press the descending button of the for the ram to compress the raw material by 5~8mm, and then raise the ram and press the relative button the convey the face material to position and let out the face material to position by pressing the relative button followed by auto-parking of the barrow. 2,when producing ordinary-face bricks, press the vibration button after the raw material has been delivered, and the convey the face material and then let it out.

Press the descending button for the ram and the vibration/compressing button to realize compressing vibration and the platform-mold press fitting will be doing press-fitting vibration at the same time. The vibration will stop if adequate vibration and compressing have been done.

Press the de-molding button(lower the bottom plate);

Press the conveying button to complete the conveying of plates and bricks;

Press the ram elevating button to complete ram’s reposition.

One production cycle is done when the 8 controlling procedures stated above have been finished.

PLC Work Management

Check the diagram for the computer controlling of this machine. To avoid component damages caused by faulty operation, the following operations are interlocked:

The ram cannot let down if the barrow is not in original position;

The barrow cannot add material without the reposition of the ram;

When all operation are confirmed correct, turn on the switch for automatic circulating system to realize auto-production.

PLC buttons.jpg


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