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How to setup 6 inch block making machine
Oct 09, 2017

After finishing correct placing regulation for 6 inch block making machine,The plate-conveying machine should be in line with the axes of the principle machine frame. The conveying obit plane of the bottom plate should be in line with the bottom plate platform plane of the principle machine. There should be free distance between the frame and the principle machine to avoid collision. Fix the machine frame after debugging.


           When the frame is fixed, put some bottom plates on the plate conveying machine and turn it on. Observe the motion of the bottom plates to see if there is any resistance while the plates move along the channel steel obit and if they are in right position when they enter the Molding Machine. Fasten the bolts if everything is ok. During real production, the dimension of each bottom plate should be checked, and plates with dimensions out of tolerable variation cannot be used.Brick conveying machine is used for the transmission of formed blocks and theirs bearing plates. During installation, make sure that its axes is in line with the axes of the brick-receiving platform on the Molding Machine and its elevation height is the same as that of the brick-receiving platform. For the convenience of cleaning, it’s not necessary to fix the brick-receiving machine to the base. When it’s in poison, start the machine to pull 2-3 pieces of bricks. If the bricks and the bearing plate can move smoothly with no deflection, then the machine can be used.

           When the installation and debugging is finished, the performance test of the whole machine should be done to ensure accurate route of each movement. Then start trial production. By adjusting the caging device of the ram, the thickness of the formed blocks should be controlled within the range of tolerable variation.


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