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How to set Concrete Block Hydraulic Compression strength Testing Machine
Nov 16, 2017

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Press 【SETTING】 key under testing status, gauge will display parameter No. “PAr-1”, you can input the parameter No. you wanted and press “enter”, the gauge will display former setting parameter No. Customer can revise the parameter No. according to their requirement, if you don’t want to save this parameter, you can press “cancel”and escape. If you want to escape from the parameter inputing status, you can press “cancel”.

The definition of parameters are as the below chart:


Method   of Setting


Max.   Load

According to the capacity of compression testing   machine, for example, Max. Load is 2000KN, you can set “02000”.


Automatically   Printing

“00001”:   Automatically Printing after one group of experiment.

“00000”:   cancel “Automatically Printing”.

Peak Value Setting: Press 【PEAK VALUE】 key under testing status, indicator light is on,  press 【PEAK VALUE】 key one more time, indicator light is off.

Data Input: Press “←” or “→”to move the flashing place, input corresponding number on the flashing place.

Clock should be checked and adjusted when it is used first time or has been used for a long time. Unnecessary to adjust it If it is running correctly.

Dialing 【DATE】 key, gauge displaying: year, month, day. If it is not correct, input corresponding number to revise it. For example, 2004/6/18, you can input 04.06.18,then press “enter” to save; Dialing 【TIME】 key, gauge displaying: hour, minute, second. If it is not correct, input corresponding number to revise it. For example, 13:30.18, you can input 13.30.18,then press “enter” to save. 


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