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How to repair the hydraulic cylinder for block bricks making machine
Oct 26, 2017


When repairing the hydraulic cylinder components of the block bricks making machine all the metal contact surfaces should be checked to see if there is obvious excessive wear evidence. Clean all the metal components with cleaning solvent and dry them with compressed air. If the hydraulic cylinder is to be torn down, all the O-rings and other seal elements should be replaced. A thin layer of hydraulic oil is supposed to be spread before new seal elements are to be fixed.

With the hydraulic cylinder working hours or working pressure increases, there will be loosening of the screw or tensile deformation of the rod, resulting in reduced compression force, thus losing the sealing effect, resulting in leakage. In addition, if the degree of tightening of several screws may also cause leakage. This condition can be solved by tightening the screw evenly or by adding a locking mechanism to the nut, but it is best to change the end seal or the corner seal to the circumferential seal.

After regular inspection or replacement of the ring after the re-operation of the hydraulic cylinder, often only two or three days due to the gland on the screw damage and leakage. This failure is generally due to hydraulic cylinder disassembly immediately after the operation caused. Although the screws have been tightened evenly when assembled, the actual fastening force of each screw varies according to the roughness of the joint surface of the screw, and some of the screws are in a false fastening state. So the hydraulic cylinder after the work of the screw force is not uniform. If the cap and cylinder flange left between the margin, the screw is not fully tightened, the above phenomenon will be more obvious, resulting in damage to the screws one by one.The solution to this type of failure is: after the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder do not immediately put into the official operation, but the first pressure, and then tighten the screws again, tightening should pay attention to keep the amount of pressure equal. If you must leave a certain gap, you should insert the appropriate gasket, then the screws fully tightened.

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