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How to operate Cement Block Making Machine
Oct 16, 2017

Plunge raw materials in proportion into the crawling bucket and press automatic button to raise the crawling bucket to position. Set the proportion of water to be added (tunable) and the stirring time (tunable) as circumstances demand. The bucket door will open automatically when the stirring is finished. Start the belt conveyor and open its door, (the time is tunable). The process of all the materials entering the block making Machine is controlled by auto-switches. Stop the conveyor; raise the crawling bucket and one stirring cycle is done. This procedure is completed by a sub-system of the PLC.

When the materials in the Molding Machine are prepared and the bottom plate is in position, press automatic button. The ram is raised and the mold is let down. The material conveying bucket will send out the materials to position and then the mold vibration will be triggered to realize vibration loading with the time tunable; at the same time, the material conveying bucket will move linearly back and forth to accelerate the loading. When the preset loading time is up, the bucket will retreat. If face material is to be added, compress the raw materials with the ram by 3~8mm or vibrate them for 0.3~0.5seconds and then add the face material. When the face material is added, the raw will be let down and after the time delay of all the vibrations for 0.2S(to eliminate post-vibration), the pressure oil cylinder will continue to move downward. Final products will be thrust out of the mold box by the coalition work of the brick-receiving oil cylinder and the pressure cylinder. When the final products are in position, the ram will return and the brick conveying machine will transmit another bottom plate onto the brick-receiving platform and push out the final products. This is one production cycle and this automatic procedure is controlled by another sub-system of the PLC.

The formed blocks will be put on the chaining brick conveying machine and after having been sorted by brick surface sweepers, will be transferred to the ascending board machine which is to be raised when 3 molds of blocks have been transferred (the raising cycle is tunable). After 9 layers of blocks have been piled up, they will be transferred to the steaming maintenance workshop by the fork truck. The worked blocks will be transferred, again, by the fork truck to the descending board machine, which is 40cm downward. The products will be transferred to the assembly yard by the brick conveying machine. The ascending/descending board machines and the brick conveying machine are controlled by a third sub-system of the PLC.

If the whole PLC procedure is setup, automatic running can be achieved; separate circulation of each sub-system is also achievable. The procedures for different materials and products can be changed, anytime, with no need of professionals or dedicated devices.

Cement block making machine in operation.png



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