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How to operate a Cement pipe machine
Apr 09, 2018

The concrete in the steel mold is compactly formed under the action of centrifugal force, roller pressure and vibration force of cement pipe machine.

Production process:

Sand, water, stone, cement → metering → mixing → feeding → roll forming → immediate stripping → natural curing → final product

Steel mold assembly

1 First remove the cement and debris left on the mold;

2 When closing the mold, the joints should be aligned and the bolts on both sides should be fastened;

3 in a good mold coated with a layer of release agent;

4 into the reinforcement skeleton;

5 Fit the retaining ring on both ends and tighten.

Steel mold loading machine

1 Lift the steel mold horizontally with a gantry crane, hang the positioning rod, and raise the height to securely fit into the suspension roller shaft;

2 The gantry car will be advanced so that the steel mold will be put into the suspension roller shaft;

3 Close the gantry frame, insert the inclined iron and lock it. Place the steel mold on the suspension roller shaft, remove the positioning lever, and launch the gantry car.

Feeding and roll forming

1 Start the motor and gradually rotate the suspension shaft until it reaches the required speed for feeding

2 From the one end of the steel mold to the other, the feeding time is generally 3 to 5 minutes.

3 After feeding, the suspension roller shaft is accelerated to the required rotation speed.Rolling process generally takes 3 to 5 minutes. Concrete should exceed the outer mold 3 ~ 5mm. After compacting, gradually slow down until parking.

Steel mould lifting and maintenance

1 After the standby is stopped, push the gantry into the body, install the positioning rod, and lift the steel mold horizontally.

2 Open the gantry and lift the steel mold to the maintenance site.

3 First remove the retaining ring, and then add a supporting tray at the lower end, take the positioning rod, put the steel mold upright on the ground, and launch the gantry car.

4 Loosen the bolts on both sides of the steel mold and gently shake the mold body to disconnect the tube body from the mold body.

5 Slowly remove the two steel molds. After the initial coagulation, sprinkler water conservation.


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