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How to operate a Brick Machine
Feb 10, 2018
  1.  After the end of the molding, if the material is not enough, the pressure head do not press molding, in order to prevent damage to the ram cylinder and ram synchronization mechanism, resulting in indenter is not synchronized.

  2. Vibration molding time need to be strictly controlled. If forming time is long, the pressure head can not tamp down, then adjust the amount of fabric.

  3.  Check all the trip switch is in place at any time, if loose, adjust and tight timely. Close to the end of the switch and the sensor block distance of 5-8mm, to prevent crash.

  4. Hydraulic station condenser must be used in summer.Otherwise the oil emits heat, affecting the normal use.To fill the oil and replace promptly is also important. Filter should be based on the sender's instructions to replace the filter promptly, otherwise it will cause the hydraulic system failure. When the temperature is below 0 °, the water in the condenser should be drained after shift to prevent frost damage to the condenser.

  5.  All screws need to be tightened before use.

  6. The plane of vibration platform, delivery plate, the brick frame must be flat. Otherwise the pallet can not be transported smoothly. Blocks can not be pushed out or cracked.

  7. All lubrication parts need lubrication before each shift.

  8. Clean up the machine after each shift promptly.

  9. The machine has an emergency stop button, when in the event of moving parts stuck or other emergency situations, you should immediately press the "emergency stop button". Do not stop the pump when the changeover switch is in the auto position (and automatic operation).

  10. Special Note: When cleaning concrete materials within the mixer, you must disconnect the power switch in the electric cabinet.

brick machine

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