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How to make concrete block mould
Mar 31, 2018

The design of the concrete block mould constructure and the choice of parameters must take into account factors such as rigidity, orientation, unloading mechanism, positioning method, and gap size.For plastic molds and die-casting molds, it is also necessary to consider a reasonable pouring system, molten plastic or metal flow state, position and direction of entering the cavity,In order to increase productivity and reduce runner casting losses, a multi-cavity mold can be used to accomplish multiple identical or different products simultaneously in a single mold. High-efficiency, high-precision, and long-life molds should be used in mass production.

Stamping dies should use multi-position progressive dies, which can use carbide inserts to improve die life. In small batch production and trial production of new products, simple molds with simple structure, quick manufacturing, and low cost should be used, such as combination punches, sheet punches, polyurethane rubber molds, low-melting-point alloy molds, zinc alloy molds, and superplastic alloy molds.

According to the structural characteristics of the mould, the mould is divided into a planar stamping die and a cavity die with space. The punching die is precisely matched to the size of the punch and the die, and some of them are even without clearance.The punching die is precisely matched to the size of the punch and the die, and some of them are even without clearance. Other forging dies, such as cold extrusion dies, die casting dies, powder metallurgy dies, plastic dies, rubber dies, etc., are cavity dies that are used to form three-dimensional shaped workpieces.The cavity mold has dimensional requirements in three directions of length, width, and height. The shape is complex and manufacturing is difficult.

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concrete block mould

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