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How to make cement bricks machine
Apr 23, 2018

Five Basic Requirements for Formulation Design of cement Bricks for cement brick machine:

1. Ensure the required strength;

2. Mixtures have good workability;

3. Good durability, with certain properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and frost resistance;

4. As far as the quality is guaranteed, try to save the cement;

5. When lightweight materials are used to produce non-load-bearing blocks, the requirements of block production need to be met by the relevant material standards and the corresponding lightweight aggregate formulations. Its cubic capacity can be produced according to the strength and physical properties required by the building design.

Raw material requirements for producing cement bricks:

1. The fly ash radioactive material meets the requirements of GB6763-86, and the technical requirements comply with the provisions of GB1596-91. The water content is not limited.

2. Cement meets the requirements of GB175, GB1344, and GB12958, but uses pozzolanic Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement.

3, light aggregate: including clay pottery, shale ceramsite and clay sand, fly ash ceramsite and clay sand, pumice, volcanic slag, coal slag, coal gangue, slag expansion, etc.;

4. Crushed stone complies with GD/T1685-93

Crushed stone size: 5~10mm Volume specific gravity: 1400~1800kg/m3 Mud content: <3%

5, fine sand, stone powder containing mud: <5% (fine sand for color fabrics)

6, sand in line with the provisions of GB/T1681-93: ordinary sand, coarse sand fineness modulus: 2.7 ~ 3.1

Volume specific gravity: 1400~1500kg/ m3 Mud content: <3%

7. The maximum particle size of various common aggregates should be less than 10mm.

8.construction waste, concrete, brick tile broken to 3-8mm.

how to make cement bricks machine

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